German inquiries 2017


A reputed German company who is into designing and producing premier quality kitchen tools that make preparation of vegetables and fruits fast, safe, and healthy is looking out for a distributor in India. The company is in this business for the last 60 years and has been producing hand tools like peelers, juicers, graters, slicers, knife sets for kitchen which live up to the reputation for high quality and value products. 

The potential distributer should have a good online base and must very active in selling on online platforms like Amazon, flipkart and relevant kitchen appliances portals in India. Also the ideal potential distributor should have reach in super markets  where these products could reach the consumer faster.

Interested relevant  Indian companies can get in touch with Shrutika Joshi on shrutika.joshi(at)



A reputed German company who is into designing and manufacturing of  high-quality, high-performance dryer systems for glass, textile and graphic printing is looking out for a distributor in India. Continuous dryers for low volumes up to mass production. Their machines dry classic screen printing colours or digital printing inks. One can achieve a high quality of T-shirts, ready-to-wear textiles, bags, jackets, caps, sportswear, transfers and flocked products. 

Interested relevant Indian companies can get in touch with Shrutika Joshi on shrutika.joshi(at) for more details


A reputed German company which offers products for the DIY sector includes Power Tools, Garden Tools, Heating and Car Accessory is looking for a potential sole distribution partner in India. The main task of the Indian distribution partner in not only selling the products but also to provide after sales service to the end customers to be successful in a long run. The Indian partner will have to build up the brand of these products in India. The company is looking for a distribution partner who should be equipped with the following attributes as requirements to become a franchise partner:

Financial capabilities to handle a sales turnover of over 1,5 Mio. € / Year (~1 Mio € PU-Volume) and the commitment to reach this turnover within 4 years

-  Offer After Sales Services

-  Capability to build up the Brand: Showroom, webpage, etc.

-  Being able to realize defined marketing activities, campaigns,…

-  Employ at least one Product manager who is 100% committed and focused on their products 

If an Indian company in the same field of services is interested in this inquiry, kindly get in touch with Shrutika Joshi on shrutika.joshi(at) for more details. 





Top-Ten German B2B publishing house is looking for cooperation with Indian publishers

A Top-Ten German B2B publishing house (approx. 125 Mio. € revenues) is keen on collaborating with an Indian publishing house with whom they could establish a cooperation to produce and sell products like their German products (newsletters and portals) on revenue sharing basis, license agreements or joint venture basis. The target groups are, among others, HR manager, CFOs, medical doctors, procurement managers, nursery headmasters, health care managers. VNR’s strengths are direct marketing, most of the revenues are subscription-drive.

If a publishing house is interested in this inquiry, kindly get in touch with Shrutika Joshi on shrutika.joshi(at) for more details.


Compware Medical GmbH (SUMERU GmbH & Co KG in establishing) is looking for Indian suppliers/ manufacturers of Ayurvedic/Herbal Products

Compware Medical GmbH, founded in 1988, is as privately held company, which in the past has supported software development and entry into the German market for Indian pharma companies. The German company is now interested in importing goods from Indian manufacturers and suppliers of Ayurveda and Herbal Wellness, Lifestyle and traditional products in order to develop and establish their own brand SUMERU GmbH & Co. KG.  They are preferably interested in export-experienced suppliers in the European market, who would also be able to provide samples for quality assurance.

They want to start with a quantity of minimum 300 -1000 units, depending on the product.

The range of products required are as follows:

Teas (morning, energy, relaxing), Ayurvedic chai cookies (cardamom), Honey, Food supplements, Cosmetics and hygienic products, Toothpaste, Tongue cleaner, Cleansing lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Styling mousse and Hair conditioner, Shower gel, Bath essence, Scented candles, Day and night face cream, Body lotion/ oil, Hand lotion and Room scents

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German company looking for a JV partner/ collaboration/ representative in India

A German engineering office in the area of Urban Water Management is looking for a JV partner/ collaboration/ representative in India. The company has been founded in 2006 and has developed over the recent years worldwide new systems in the area of Storm water Management and Waste water Treatment, which offer their clients extraordinary solution approaches and a higher quality, are faster in realizing and can lead to considerable cost savings. The base of the facilities is a modular design that is composed of fiberglass tanks as its main component and is furthermore completed with building components, which are required for each of the respective purposes.

Their technology was exhibited among others at the German Pavillon at the Expo in Shanghai, in the German Pavillon at the Venice Biennale of Architecture , at the exposition„"WeltWissen. 300 Jahre Wissenschaften in Berlin" (WorldKnowledge. 300 Years of Sciences in Berlin) and in the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt. They are honoured from the Council for Sustainability of the Federal Republic of Germany and made onto the shortlist for the Zumtobel Group Award and the German Price for Sustainability. 
The potential Indian business partner of the German company should ideally have contacts to political decision makers, contact with the Ganga Commission, contacts with engineering offices and construction companies and experience in project development in the field of engineering.
In case you are interested in being a JV partner/ collaboration/ representative in India for the German company, please write to anupama.narayan(at) with a short profile of your company and complete and send the attached form.


German company looking for distributor of Insulating Glass Sealant and manufacturer of Insulating Glass in India

A reputed German company is looking for a distributor in India for Insulating Glass Sealant and also for manufacturers of Insulating Glass.

The German company was founded in 1988 and is an SME based near Frankfurt am Main. It is also one of the leading Insulating Glass Sealant manufacturers in Europe.

The German company is registered and produces all its products in Germany. The product range consists mainly of Polysulfide, Polyurethane, Butyl and TPS and is used by major European Insulating Glass producers.

In case you are interested in collaborating with the German company as a distributor or manufacturer, please send a brief company profile to shivani(at)

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