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German video inspection camera and flue gas analyser manufacturing company is looking for a distributor in India

A German company manufacturing video inspection cameras and flue gas analysers is looking for a distributor in India. Since their origin in 1932 the German company has relied on research, development and manufacturing made in Germany. As an international family-owned business, the company closely cooperates with customers and vendors on a partnership basis.  

The Industrial Emission Analyzer by the German company is a portable instrument designed to be used in tough industrial heat processes, such as boiler and burner testing, heat processes and engine testing. The analyzer is fully equipped with sensors for temperature, pressure, O2, CO, NOx and SOx. A special probe, the in-stack stainless steel sinter-filter probe, protects these high-tech sensors against heavy dust loads. Together with the battery driven Peltier cooler it is possible to measure even nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions with precision and display the readings with a high resolution of 0.1 ppm. Another reason for the superior precision is the high-power pump for negative pressures up to 300 mbar which allows to take fast and representative samples. To measure flue gas velocity and flow rate the Anaylser is equipped with a dual port digital pressure sensor. On the large and brightly lit 7” color-monitor the readings can easily be read anywhere, even in an environment with difficult lighting conditions.

The new Inspection Camera by the German company is a simple, efficient and versatile video inspection system and offers a reliable solution to visually show what is going on in pipes, holes and machines – from blockages to leaks and cracks. The camera system is both compact and safely housed in a plastic case, making it easy to transport. The system consists of a 20 m push rod cable with reel, a detachable colour camera head with a diameter of 40 mm and 26 mm and a large colour monitor. The high resolution display offers a crystal clear picture so that you can see every detail. The panel facilitates easy control of the camera head: The camera pans 360°, tilts 180° and offers the best possible lighting to carry out an all-round inspection of the vicinity. After panning and tilting, the home function automatically aligns the camera angle to straight ahead with a simple push of a button, allowing operators to pan the area and then return. 

The German company is looking for a potential distributor for its products in India. The potential distributor should be able to import, sell and service these products in India. The German company will provide support for all kind of marketing activities and product training to enter the Indian market.  It looks at a long-term relationship with their business partners.

In case you are interested in marketing the German company's products in India, please write to anupama.narayan(at) and also send a brief profile of your company. 


German health care equipment company is looking for a distributor in India

One of the largest manufacturers worldwide of orthopedic supports, orthoses, insoles and medical compression stockings is looking for a potential distributor in India. The company has more than 85 years of medical expertise and helps people regain their mobility and wellbeing with its medical aids. The high-quality products are all "Made in Germany".

Elite athletes around the world rely on it.

The potential distributor should be able to build up the brand, realize marketing activities and achieve defined sales targets. Support from the German headquarters will be provided. For the long-term success it is necessary to work close together with local doctors and therapists. Product trainings have to be carried out on a regular basis, in order to create awareness and convince potential clients of the benefits offered by the products. Preferable the distributor should already have an existing distribution network to orthopedic shops and specialized clinics.

In case your company is interested in becoming a distributor of this company, please send us a brief company profile to Ms. Shivani Chaturvedi at shivani(at)

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