The Alliance for Integrity (AfIn)

The Alliance for Integrity (AfIn) is a business-driven multi-stakeholder initiative including companies, civil society, political organisations and international institutions.

Aim of AfIn

The aim of AfIn is to promote responsible and responsive business conduct by fostering cohesion and co-operation among all relevant actors in the business eco-system. Thereby contributing to better framework conditions for business to operate in.

What’s important to us

- EQUAL FOOTING. Integrity is an issue that affects society as a whole. AfIn collaborates with all relevant stakeholders to address the issue.

 - OPENNESS. AfIn is open to all organisations which support its aim and principles, be they companies, public institutions or NGOs.

 - RESULTS. Afin’s aim is not to reinvent, but rather build on tried-and-tested instruments, formats and initiatives in order to make concrete improvements.

What we offer you

 - PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING. The most effective way to learn is usually from each other. AfIn encourages members to share their experiences in a variety of industries and regions. Members’ good practice examples provide suggestions on how to effectively establish integrity in your company or organisation.

 - PUBLIC-PRIVATE DIALOGUE. The role that integrity plays in a society also depends on the overall business environment. As an AfIn-member, you have the opportunity to get involved in the mutual exchange among business, politics, administration and civil society. 

TRAINING. Building the capacities of organisations to enable them to apply and practice the principles of integrity is central to AfIn. Our workshops and trainings courses, both generic and customized, will equip you to implement concrete measures to address compliance issues and enhance competitiveness of your organisation.

 - INFORMATION. Raising awareness and disseminating information among a wider set of stakeholders is critical to deepening and widening the agenda. AfIn through its different engagement formats encourages companies and organisations to pursue integrity in business and society.

Value proposition

 - NETWORK. As a member of AfIn you are part of an international network of representatives of a variety of industries, sectors and regions. You have access to relevant stakeholders and the opportunity to share your experiences with other compliance representatives.

 - KNOWLEDGE. Whether it is other companies’ good practice examples, guidelines or international studies, you as an AfIn-member have direct access to knowledge about integrity and compliance.

 - SUPPORT. Not all issues can be discussed in large groups. AfIn provides access to international anti-corruption experts and a knowledge base that can help you to overcome specific management challenges at your company or organisation. This does, however, not include the provision of (individualized) legal advice.

The Alliance for Integrity (AfIn) in India is managed by GIZ India. Network Manager India is Ms. Nandini Sharma who can be reached by E-Mail to afin-india(at) IGCC is a founder-member of AfIn India. At IGCC you may contact Mr. Achim Rodewald by E-Mail to rodewald(at) for further information on sustainability and business integrity. More information about Alliance for Integrity (AfIn) is available on its webpage