Bringing Integrity into Business Practice: Approaches and Ways

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02.03.2017 | 14:00
Taj Santacruz, Domestic Airport, Mumbai

Governments across the globe are stepping up efforts to establish good framework conditions for business to operate in a transparent and ethical business environment. Business Integrity is no longer viewed as desirable attribute, but a perquisite for business to operate, grow and sustain itself. The recent developments in India also point towards this direction. Reforms, legislations and policy initiatives are all geared towards addressing this very issue, which is seen as the primary stumbling block to economic progress and equitable growth. Companies today understand integrity to be integral to business and a lever to gaining competitive advantage in a global market. Additionally, there is a growing cognizance among the businesses about the multitude of risks that they expose themselves to when indulging in corrupt practices.


To address these issues, the Alliance for Integrity India warmly invites you to participate in this conference. Kindly find all relevant information for participation in the pdf-document. Part of this pdf-document is the link for registration for this conference. Participation is free of cost, however, prior registration is required.


As a Founder Member of the Alliance for Integrity in India we at IGCC are looking forward to your participation as well as to you joining hands with us in preventing the ‘cancer’ corruption. For further information you may write in to rodewald(at)


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