Stuttgart meets Mumbai

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11.12.2013 | 06:29
- 06:29
Mumbai, India

This January, on the 10th occasion of “Stuttgart meets Mumbai” the  Mayor of Stuttgart and the  Honorary Consul of the Republic of India for the States of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate Mr. Andreas Lapp,  will once again visit Mumbai with a delegation.

Members of the delegation will conduct workshops on Film, Education/Training, Wine, Tourism and Culture alongside the festival.

IGCC Members from the relevant industries interested to attend the workshops should contact the concerned IGCC email address viz:

Film & Media Workshop: Film makers, producers, directors and representatives from the film industry interested in the German Film Market. Contact: honey.mehta(at)

Education  Workshop: German companies and Indo-German Joint venture companies, interested in training their managers for Indo-European success . Contact: honey.mehta(at)

Wine Workshop: Representatives from restaurant/hospitality sector interested in viticulture, wine making and wines from in and around Stuttgart. Contact: rajeena.pflug(at)

Tourism Workshop: Travel and Tourism companies interested to find out why Stuttgart and South West Germany are the ideal tourist destinations. Contact: shruti.ugrankar(at)

Intercultural Workshops: 2 Workshops for companies doing business with Germany, viz:

 i) Different Cultures–Different Values” & 2) “Typically German”: Contact: phyllis(at)