Inauguration of VETnet Batch and new projects

Dear VET enthusiasts and supporters,

The first weeks of 2017 have been very busy for us and we are happy to share some new projects and success stories with you.

Kick-Off of our second VETnet Industry Mechanic Course

We are pleased to inform you that the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce kicked off the second batch of the VETnet Industry Mechanic course at Don Bosco Industrial Technical Institute in Pune on 13th February 2017. The Event started with a introduction of trainers and trainees and went off to continue with a round tour of Don Bosco facilities before the trainees attended their first class.

Some details about the course

The one year course is the second batch of the Industry Mechanic course in Pune. The batch, with trainees from 4 different companies is now in the second week of basic metal training. The trainees will go through different modules of Machining, Welding, Electrical, Hydraulics and Pneumatics over the duration of one year of the course. Focused on 60% practical and 40% theoretical training, the course also has phases of in-company training, where the candidates will go to their training companies and apply their gained practical skills on the shop floor. While the trainees are gearing up for the coming challenging weeks and an amazing year, we wish them all the best!

(The whole batch of new VETnet trainees at the inauguration of the course)

Signing of MoU for cooperation in VET in Sri Lanka

After the kick off of the Vocational Education and Training Network in Sri Lanka late last year, DUALpro has signed its first Memorandum of Understanding for a cooperation in the field of Vocational Education and Training in Sri Lanka last week. Together with the Vocational School CINEC and the Aitken Spence Hotels we will train 60 trainees in four different trades in the hospitality sector starting March 1st. These trainees will appear for a German style examination and receive German certificates at the end of their training period.

(Official kick-off of the cooperation in VET between CINEC and DUALpro)

With new projects and clusters, this year has been very interesting for us so far and we thank you for your cooperation and support in this journey.

With best regards,

Your DUALpro Team

Indo-German Chamber of Commerce