IGCC Pune successfully organised the first ever AdA International Course in India!

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August has indeed been exciting time for the DUALpro team!


The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), Pune, successfully organized the first ever Ausbildung der Ausbilder International (German Training of Trainers Course) in India, delivered in English, in August 2017. The course followed the German curriculum with local adjustments in the legal contents and was conducted by a trainer from the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Berlin, Mr. Daniel Büttner, a German mediator, trainer and coach for the last 20 years in Germany and worldwide. The understanding of the existing laws and regulations, in the Indian context, was addressed by the Mumbai based law firm Roedl & Partner.


The Vocational Trainer Qualification course followed the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry framework plan for the qualification of trainers according to the Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (AEVO). The course addressed in detail how vocational and professional skills can be combined with activity-based and process-oriented content throughout the learning process.

There were total of 11 participants in the course – 2 from Sri Lanka and 9 from different parts of India, representing companies and institutes like DIMO, Volkswagen, Mubea, GTTI, PSG among others. The course was spread over 03 weeks.

The primary objective of the course was to help participants acquire the basic knowledge and understanding of the core areas of German Dual Vocational Training and the essential skills to design, prepare and conduct effective training sessions for their companies’ trainees. The participants also gathered practical knowledge on instruction techniques and solutions for handling difficult situations in the training place.


In Germany, it is one of the mandatory requirements for becoming an in-company trainer to participate in one of these courses, which are conducted by the local chambers (IHKs) throughout Germany.

After completing the training, the candidates had to appear for a 100% German exam, translated in English, which consisted of both theory and practical parts. The entire exam was controlled by the local Examination Committee set up by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Pune. All the candidates passed the exams!


The course was certified by the IGCC and DIHK in Berlin



Participants along with the trainer


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