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They know how their game is played. They've been practicing. They may have some tricks up their sleeve.  Watch out for the bouncers.  Heads up on the tackle


Even in our own countries legal concerns are a matter for specialists, often external specialists. This is even more the case in foreign countries, where legal systems and trading practices are unknown.

When it comes to questions regarding customs, you need someone you can rely on, when it comes to business disputes, you need someone on your side whom you can trust. In these cases, you can count on us!

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce assists German and Indian companies with legal issues and customs matters related to Indo-German business transactions. Additionally, we offer to amicably settle disputes between firms involved in Indo-German trade, either by a claim case procedure or by arbitration.


Ms. Caroline Wiegandt

Executive Assistant to Director General
Head of Legal Department

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The Business Law Magazine and the Labor Law Magazine are magazines aimed to inform about current legal topics in an international context. The articles are written by experienced lawyers always having the legal practice in mind and explore all important questions related to German corporate, commercial, tax, labor, compliance and IP/IT law.”