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Commercial disputes are common place worldwide. Be it unpaid invoices, product quality problems or outright fraud. Anyone doing business must stay alert in case of potential financial losses due to such hazards. However, badly managed disputes can destroy precious business relationships, take up valuable management resources and cost a great deal of money. Avoiding a lengthy and expensive litigation is often in the best interest of all parties. This is especially true, when the amounts of money involved are not very high and court action would cost more than the claim.

Therefore, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce offers alternative dispute resolution procedures which save our customers time and money.  One is the claim case procedure as described below, and one is the arbitration.

Finding a solution suitable for all parties

The Claim Case Procedure is a mediation procedure undertaken to solve disputes outside the courts. We offer to take up your claim and to act as a neutral mediator. Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a mediator has no decision-making authority, but will help each party to evaluate goals and options in order to find a solution that works for everyone. The goal is not to decide who is right or wrong. Rather, the parties are asked to provide a picture of the overall situation and to release any pent up emotions that may be blocking the way to settle the matter.

In the course of this mediation procedure we inform the other firm about your complaint and demand. While emphasizing the neutral role of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, we request their point of view on the matter. We will forward a summary of their statement to you and also give you our views pertaining thereto. We provide both parties with advice in order to find an amicable solution. Our role is simply to help disputants to communicate, to evaluate their needs and interests, to generate options and to craft a workable resolution. Our mediation activities focus primarily on mutual benefits and call for the parties to approach the problem in a spirit of cooperation, transforming adversaries into joint problem-solvers.

It is our experience that this procedure has resulted in a considerable number of successes – disputes had been settled, trade problem solved and payments took place. Most claim cases can be finalized within a period of 8 to 45 days and it is much cheaper that a court resolution. Apart from this we keep your future business relationship in mind and are always diplomatic so that none of the parties get offended.



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