When targeting an audience with Indo-German interests, there is no better choice of advertising!


Depending on your marketing needs the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce offers a range of advertising possibilities for you. Whether you want to inform about your products or services, or whether you are searching for a new business partner or for new staff, we will support your concerns. No matter if you decide to advertise on our website, in our magazine, in our offices or a combination of all, you can be sure that your information will reach Indian and German companies interested in doing business with India or Germany.

Advertise on our website

Daily, our website is assessed by about 25,000 visitors who read up on Indo-German trade relations, Indian or German companies or cooperation opportunities with companies from India or Germany, respectively. In October last year, we even had more than 1,050,000 visitors on our website. Companies who took out an ad on our website in the past reported an excellent response on their advertisement.

You have the choice between three different kinds of advertisement:

  • Put your logo on our website. It will be displayed on the right hand side of the homepage and throughout all pages and subpages of the website and linked with your own website. That means a click on your logo will open your company’s website.
  • Find buyers, sellers or other business partners by publishing a “business inquiry” in our Market Place. The Market Place is the online cooperation forum of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.
  • Take out an employment ad in our online Job Market. Our Job Market provides the ideal platform for you to search for new employees or interns with international background.

Advertise in our magazine

The business magazine of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce “Indo-German Economy” and its German counterpart “Deutsch-Indische Wirtschaft” is published bi-monthly and has a circulation of 12,500. It is the only publication in the world that specialises on Indo-German economic trends and writes about the latest market developments, Indo-German trade and cooperation, trade fairs, banks, insurances and investment and business opportunities in both the countries. The Indo-German Economy is distributed to all our Indian and German members, business and diplomatic institutions, Chambers of Commerce in India and abroad, banks government bodies and industry associations. Additionally, it is placed on board of Lufthansa flight leaving from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai to destinations in Germany.

The possibilities of advertising in our magazine are multifaceted:

  • Front Cover
  • Double page, gateway fold
  • Simple front cover
  • Back Cover
  • Double page, gateway fold
  • Simple back cover
  • Full page coloured or black and white
  • Half page coloured or black and white
  • Quarter page coloured or black and white
  • Strip ads (text only)
  • Employment ads
  • Profile and logo
  • Profile and logo plus quarter page in black and white

Advertise in our offices

The Indo-German Chamber has seven offices – six in India and one in Germany. All our offices are frequently visited by companies or industry associations who are already engaged in Indo-German activities or who are interested in entering the other market respectively. They are coming for consultancy meetings, to events organized by us, to use our library, to meet other companies in our premises or for networking. We offer to lay out your brochures in the reception area of our offices.

Our offices are located in:

Mumbai / New Delhi / Kolkata / Chennai / Bangalore / Pune / Düsseldorf


Prices available on request



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