Modul 1: Starting in India

As an FSE Partner this module is highly relevant to you as it informs you about the aim, content and overall framework of the PSP. It comprises of orientation and discussions with PSP coordinators in Germany as well as in India. All your queries and doubts regarding the PSP or about India will be addressed in these sessions .You are also free to attend the Welcome Seminars and also the Networking Events that we arrange. Our monthly newsletters would also keep you updated with the latest events and news.  You will also be provided with an extensive introductory literature to the program at the beginning of this module.

The agenda of Starting in India includes:

  • Orientation meeting in Germany -This meeting may be in the form of a personal meeting or can take place over the telephone, over Skype or via Email.
  • Orientation meeting with the IGCC
  • A welcome meeting with the PSP coordinators. As of now, for FSE Partners in Aurangabad, this meeting would take place only over the telephone, over Skype or via email.
  • Introduction to the PSP in India and introduction of the scope, implementation and framework of PSP.
  • FAQ’s in the form of a booklet would be handed over to you at the beginning of Module 1 or can also be posted to you if required.
  • One-to-one sessions with the PSP coordinators to clear your doubts. They would also create an individual development plan for you.
  • You will be informed of the upcoming events and invited to attend events for members, which will give you a good networking platform.
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter with latest updates on the PSP .The newsletter will also feature the progress stories of individual FSE Partners, information about programs and upcoming networking events in the region.


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