Module 2: Comprehensive Intercultural Training I and II

India is a land of a rich historic heritage, magnificent palaces, golden beaches, high rise mountains, colors, and glorious festivals. The cultural diversity of India can really amaze you. India is also home to more than 1.2 Billion people and boasts one of the world’s important Film Industries - Bollywood.

India is definitely different than Germany. There are numerous languages, diverse cultures, different climates from region to region. At a first glance, the idea of adjusting to all these differences may seem like a big challenge. So to help you settle easily in a country full of diversity, the PSP gives you a chance to participate in a comprehensive training on relevant aspects of intercultural understanding. This will give you a deep insight into the history and culture of your new country of residence. During this training you will also get a lot of useful tips to ease your everyday activities in India. Learning new languages and interacting with other participants during the training will ease the process more.


The agenda of Comprehensive Intercultural Training I and II includes:

  • A two day intensive Intercultural Training- I and II (includes group lunch)
  • A detailed insight into India’s history, culture, religion and tradition.
  • Advice on into how to deal with the differences between India and Germany and an overview of the common prejudices related to both the countries.
  • FAQ booklet
  • Sensitization to the Indian culture (includes a checklist of DOs and DONTs)
  • Important tips for the day-to-day life in India (Shopping, Medical care etc.)
  • Intercultural Communication (Understanding of culture through Role play, Useful Expressions, Dialogue play, Body Language)
  • Tips for dealing with difficult situations in India
  • Information on the buildup of the social infrastructure in India (Expat Clubs, local associations etc.)
  • Sharing of experiences amongst other FSE Partners




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