Press & PR

The IGCC offers the following solutions to boost your company’s visibility in the Indian and German market:



Forward/Communicate your company’s news to key press audiences

We have intensively worked with the Indian media over the years and foster close contacts with various newsrooms in the field of economics and business, culture and environment. With this service we forward your message to the media for dissemination to the target audiences, enhancing your visibility in India and shaping your image/ marketing efforts.

The service would include:

  • Preparation of the press release based on inputs received
  • Structuring, planning and forwarding the input to the appropriate media outlets
  • Feedback and clippings



Interact with the media

A good relationship to key media is the precondition to build and foster your company’s image. Through a press conference to highlight your product launch or make news worthy announcements about your company like a strategic merger etc. we can help to bring you together with relevant media so as to get your message to the target audience.

This service would include

  • Consulting on target media, format and message
  • Organisation of Press conference programme, Moderator
  • Acquisition and organization of suitable venue, audio/visual arrangements and manpower at the event
  • Preparation and couriering of invitations including follow-up
  • Conference Material ie. Banner & A/V (Screen, mikes, sound system & cd of photographs)
  • Feedback and clippings