Why do companies need Energy Efficiency Specialists?

Hardly any experts doubt that prices for energy will significantly increase even if the global financial and economic crisis left a dent in the curve of increasing oil prices. Energy costs were and still are largely ignored in many companies. But also in sectors which are less energy intensive, companies start to focus on energy consumption. Rising energy prices make investments in savings measures increasingly attractive. The training of one employee to become an Energy Efficiency Specialist helps to make the right decisions. Additionally, a new function is created within the company.


Prepared for the future

However, there are multiple reasons for the implementation of an Energy Efficiency Specialist within the company. Despite higher efficiency and quality standards in production companies, it is still possible to cut costs and save energy. Particularly interesting for entrepreneurs: The development of cost-cutting potential improves the competitiveness of the company. Furthermore, by cutting costs, the company contributes actively to climate protection and resource conservation. Environmental commitment, which is valued by many customers, becomes more visible and will be honoured accordingly. The liberalization of energy markets in Europe and around the world bears many chances and the energy specialist knows how to use them. The current requirements like the compensation of skyrocketing prices especially with regards to oil, electricity and gas, the implementation of an environmental management system according to European standards EMAS or ISO 14001 or of an energy management system according to DIN EN 16001 - all these plans and goals rise and fall with the qualification of appropriately trained experts.



Companies count on direct positive effects thanks to energy savings. But also employers within the companies benefit from the participation in the Energy Efficiency Specialist Training. Apart from new knowledge, they receive an individual certificate which reinforces their personal competitiveness and helps them to secure a sustainable job. Their prospects on the job market too increase. Therefore, companies and employees benefit equally from EUREM - a classic win-win situation. With EUREM, a new and useful function of a comprehensive and competent energy specialist has been created, which is comparable with the function of environmental protection officers or quality managers that were established within companies around the world in the early 1990s.


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