DUALpro: VET brand of IGCC

DUALpro is the brand under which we offer a range of Vocational Education & Training services, based on the German Dual System that combines theory and industrial experience, to member companies. The German Dual System of Vocational Education & Training (VET), has grown and proven to be very successful over the last centuries. It is perfectly placed to bridge the gap between the increasing need for theoretical knowledge, as well as real world application of these skills. The German system encourages direct involvement and ownership of the industry in the educational process, and is in demand all over the globe – even so in India. In light of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, that aims to encourage domestic and multinational companies to manufacture their products in India, the role of industry-driven and supported VET becomes even more critical. As market conditions change, qualified and specialized personnel will continue to be in high demand, to operate the machinery of the future. The cooperation between India and Germany, on VET, has gained momentum in the recent years and has found many supporters. We contribute to this collaboration by meeting the industry demand for quality VET, and an overall well-skilled staff, to poise the industry in achieving its business goals and objectives.