Advanced Training for Trainers

DUALpro offers customized training solution that provides you with the skills and competencies in accordance to German Dual TVET system. The program ensures high market relevance and therefore enabling higher level of specialization, productivity and innovation skills of the trainees. The reason we encourage Train the Trainer program are: Direct Benefits:

 Once trainers are capable of teaching according to the Dual TVET model, it’s easier to implement it

 Greater involvement of trainers in sharing knowledge

 Transfer of adequate and market-relevant knowledge

 Retention of trainers is increased by developing their skills and certifying it In-direct Benefits:

 Trained Trainers function as multipliers in their institutes

 Multipliers can conduct training's for colleagues

 Students increase employability through adequate and market-relevant knowledge transfer

 Students increase employability through state-of-the-art theoretical and practical training

Further Training possibilities: