Indo-German Training Centre

IGTC offers IGCC member companies a common management training platform and conducts industry-driven business management courses based on German dual system of theory and practical training.


Overview and Activities

About Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC)

Training, based on German Dual System of practical and theoretical learning, has been one of the key roles and services of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad (AHKs). In order to extend this service to its member companies in India and provide them a common training platform, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce established the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) in Mumbai (1991), Chennai (in 2005) and Bengaluru (2008).

Over the last 25 years, IGTC has trained more than 1,500 young Indians for more than 100 German and Indian companies, with the help of around 100 highly qualified faculty members, 15 staff members in charge of the training centres, under the leadership of 23 Presidents and 2 Director Generals. Long before ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’ became buzz words, German and Indian companies, together with the Chamber, imported the German model of vocational training into India; to achieve the same kind of quality that has been a cornerstone of what ‘Made in Germany’ has been globally known for.

The IGTC goes beyond traditional academic methods and partners with the Indo-German business community entirely, to offer a solid, common platform, to not only be dream destinations for trainees, but also a full partner in the learning process. Corporate partners drive admissions, academic learning modules, on-the job training and final recruitments.They interlock academic coursework with maximum exposure in the organizations, so that the young trainees can apply their acquired knowledge to live, practical projects. Undoubtedly, the trainees thrive in such a learning environment, stretch boundaries and deliver results in the organizations.

Some of our partnering member companies are: BASF, Bajaj Allianz, Bayer, Bharat Forge, Bosch, DBOI Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Evonik Industries, Extentia Information Technology, Fuchs Lubricants India Pvt. Ltd., Häfele India Pvt. Ltd., HDFC Bank, Knorr-Bremse Technology Center India, KSB Pumps Ltd., Lanxess, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, TUV India, Volkswagen, Wirtgen, among many others.

Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA)

For years, German companies have been considered industrial leaders, admired globally for their technical expertise, precision and perfection in planning and execution. One of the undisputed factors, credited for this success of the German industry globally, has been its world-renowned German Dual Education System, wherein the practical training is imparted by the organizations themselves, while the theoretical classes are organized and certified by the Chambers of Commerce. This system is practiced in Germany for over 350 training occupations and also adopted in other European countries.

Modelled on the highly effective Dual Training System, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) established the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) in India, which collaborates with leading German organizations, as well as other IGCC member companies, to conduct an industry-driven Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration. Through this programme, theoretical learning in general management is interspersed with on-the-job practical training (internships) at a collaborating company, thereby giving students multiple opportunities to practically apply their acquired knowledge to live, cross-functional projects.

Through this unique industry-driven management training, German companies in India offer graduates an excellent opportunity to shape sustainable careers, in commercial and techno-commercial functions such as Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Controlling & Finance, Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain, Human Resources and Corporate Communication.

Contact for admissions:

IGTC Mumbai: +91-22-22822002 / 22834773 | Email: mumbai(at)

IGTC Bengaluru: +91-80-40926130 | Email: bangalore(at)

IGTC Chennai: +91-44-28340107 / 28340067 | Email: chennai(at)

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Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) on alternate weekends for working professionals

Beyond the flagship programme, the IGTCs conduct a One Year Executive Management Programme (on weekends), exclusively for middle level managers of our member companies. The programme is designed to equip them with a holistic, cross-functional perspective to all aspects of management, and the essential thought process and skills required to assume leadership positions in the future, within the organization.

Programme Structure:

• One year, weekend programme, with lectures on alternate weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

• Lecture timing: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

• Total duration is 50 training days covering 300 teaching hours

Programme Location:

EBMP Mumbai: Indo-German Training Centre, 2-B Vulcan Insurance Building, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020.

EBMP Pune: Crowne Plaza Pune City Centre, C.T.S. No.37 & 37/1, Bund Garden Road, Pune 411001.

EBMP Bengaluru: Indo-German Training Centre, #304, 3rd Floor, Shah Sultan Building, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru 560052.

EBMP Chennai: Indo-German Training Centre, No. 32 (Old No.117), G.N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017.

EBMP Kolkata: Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, 3A, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata 700019.

Contact Person

EBMP Mumbai and Pune: Veena Kulur, +91-22-22846831, 22834773,

EBMP Bengaluru: Anitha C. +91-80-40926130,

EBMP Chennai: Prabha Gurumurthy, +91-44-28340107/ 28340067,

EBMP Kolkata:  Madhura Ghosh Mukherjee, +91-33-22837970, madhura(at)

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HR Forum

Based on the request of various Indo-German member companies, IGTC took the initiative to facilitate the formation of the Indo-German HR Partner Forum.

This is a representation of Senior HR Professionals of leading organizations such as A.T.E. Group, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, BASF Group, Bayer Group, Bharat Forge, BMW India, Bbraun Medical India, Bosch Group, Brose India Automotive Systems, Clariant Chemicals, DHL Express India, Evonik India, Fuchs Lubricants, Häfele India, HDFC Ergo, KSB Pumps, Lanxess India, Mercedes-Benz India, Merck India, SAP India, Schaeffler Group, Siemens Ltd., ThyssenKrupp Industries India, TÜV India, Volkswagen India, Wacker Chemie, Wacker Metroark Chemicals, among many others.

The objective of this forum is to collaborate on areas of mutual interest and concerns, share knowledge and benchmark best practices of German organizations. Meetings are held once in every quarter and are hosted by different organizations in rotation.

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Corporate Participation

IGTC invites Corporate Participation from IGCCMember Companies.

Member companies can collaborate with IGTC for its flagship, 18-month, full time Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA), based on the German Dual Education System. As a collaborating company, you would be providing internships (practical training) and gaining readily-employable, hands-on management graduates. 

Collaborating companies will be an integral part of the entire programme - involved in the selection and admission process, curriculum design and development, practical training and mentoring, and final recruitment.

IGTC organizes a Trainee Selection Process for the various collaborating companies. Based on their positive endorsement, meritorious trainees will be admitted to constitute the IGTC Batch. Collaborating companies will be responsible for providing practical training to their selected trainee/s for six months, i.e. November – January and August - October, in various cross-functional departments. On completion of the practical training, the collaborating company will be given the first preference to recruit their well-inducted trainee/s, thereby significantly reducing the learning curve.

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