Jan 27 until Feb 01

AdA International German Training of Trainers Course (Basic Version)

DUALpro is happy to offer you, AdA International Training Course (Basic Version) with methodological & pedagogical perspective of learning.

Event Start
27/01/2020 | 09:00
Event End
01/02/2020 | 17:00

The AdA (Ausbildung der Ausbilder) workshop is a building block to promote trainer competencies of German teaching method. It specifies how vocational and professional skills can be combined with activity based and process- oriented learning. This course is based on the standard of German Trainer Aptitude Ordinance (AEVO). The “Train the Trainer” course is the highest international certification of trainers in the TVET sector. The AdA international Basic version program is a 40-hour seminar, enabling participants to acquire important methodology & pedagogic knowledge and competences. The Examination following German standards, consist of both theory & practical parts. Quality assured DIHK-AHK certificate is given after successful completion of the training and the exam.

Contact person:
Philip Bauer (Senior Manager DUALpro)

For Registration email : dualpro(at)indo-german.com



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