Oct 11

Fridays for Sustainable Future - Conference on Sustainability and CSR at German Days 2019

The Conference on Sustainability and CSR will bring together companies, NGOs, foundations and special initiatives to explore synergies on how to improve sustainable economic development and inclusive growth. By showcasing best-practice sustainability and CSR projects, our platform wants to create a momentum for the private sector and civil society to join forces. We facilitate scouting for innovative solutions with a mutual benefit for all.

Increased economic activity and rising global trade are more and more affecting our environment and reshaping the way we live. Understanding and managing this complex relationship are major challenges of our times. Business has an immediate relevance for sustainable and inclusive development. Especially in a growing economy like India, business operations must and can have a positive impact on the society and the environment. Achieving this common goal requires cooperation between all stakeholders.

Please register via the button above. Participation is free of cost.



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