Mar 25

Workshop on German programme for investments in India (Mumbai)

Are you looking to do business in India with a view to investing and generating sustainable profits, piloting innovative technologies, raising standards in your supply chain or improving the quality of training whilst making an effective, long-term contribution to local development?


Then apply for cooperation within the scope of the programme!

The programme of the German government was set up to foster the involvement of the private sector in areas where business opportunities and development policy initiatives overlap. Whether the aim is to provide training for local employees, promote the use of climate-friendly technologies or improve social standards at production facilities, provides companies investing in India and other emerging and developing countries with financial and technical support. Since its launch in 1999, the programme has realized over 1,500 development partnerships with German and European companies. Since this year, Indian companies are also eligible to apply for funding.

Presentations and Workshops

In cooperation with the German development agency GIZ, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce offers presentations on the programme and its conditions and provides you with the opportunity to:

• Get to know offers of the programme and its conditions.

• Understand the important contribution your company can do to local development.

• Discuss potential project ideas with a programme representative.

We invite you to register for one of the workshops until 15 March. Please note that attendance is onlyconfirmed upon receipt of a confirmation email.



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