Membership Benefits

Explore IGCC membership services and benefits that include opportunities to attend events, network, interact with peers and industry leaders and stay updated on economic and policy changes relevant for your business.

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Benefits for Members

Business Events

We organize regular events to provide members a platform for interacting with the international business community, industry associations or Indian and German authorities. These events create opportunities to share experiences, learn, establish new business contacts and explore new business possibilities.


We invite guest speakers with the relevant business or industry background, to share insights on current topics, be it the latest tax reform, financial investment, intercultural cooperation, addressing obstacles faced in doing business in India etc. Presentations are typically followed by interactive sessions, discussions and information exchange.

Indo-German Business Meet (IGBM)

The IGBM is a monthly event for Indian and German business managers of Indo-German ventures. Participants exchange views and experiences, introduce their company, products and services and get updates on upcoming events like delegations, seminars, workshops, etc.

Founders’ Day

Once a year, we invite members to a lecture by an important dignitary from Germany. This event is held to commemorate the foundation of the Indo-German of Commerce, in the year 1956.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every year, we invite our Indian members to the AGM in Mumbai and our German members to the Annual Meet in Duesseldorf. With around 550 participants in India and 300 participants in Germany, our annual meetings are the largest events of the Indo-German business community in India as well as in Germany. It is an elite gathering of industrialists, exporters, importers, diplomats, VIPs and media, making it an excellent platform for contact building and advertising. The concept of brand-building at the IGCC AGM has always proved to be a good marketing tool for many of our members. To enable this better, we offer members the opportunity to exhibit their products, services or corporate messages at this event. In addition to the exhibition, we always invite high-profile guest speakers and organize a reception subsequently.

Christmas Market

While introducing a German tradition to India, we organize Christmas Markets in Delhi and Mumbai. All our members are invited to our Christmas Markets, where entertainment goes hand-in-hand with business opportunities.


We organize German delegations (also sector-specific) with participants from various industries, as well as meetings and events in India and Germany, to initiate contact with local companies. As a member, this is the ideal opportunity for you to meet potential business partners from Germany, without having to bear the costs, time and effort for a trip to Germany.

Legal Assistance

Avail our legal services to realize your interests or your rights, as you carry out business operations in India or Germany. Our services include putting you in touch with the appropriate government authorities, settling disputes by mediation or reviewing your contract. All these services are free or offered at a discounted rate for members.


Our marketing services help give your company visibility in the market by listing it in our online Membership Directory. Additionally, you can advertise in our magazine or on our website for a reduced price, or we can even organize a corporate event or company presentation for you. Similarly, you get a discount when you publish an inquiry in German trade publications. When it comes to bringing Indian and German companies together, be it for a business partner search or a business delegation, we always recommend suitable member companies on a priority.

Information / Publications

For more than 60 years, we have built up an extensive knowledge base and we continue to widen and update this regularly. This information is accessible to all our members who require it for business purposes.

  • Members receive our bi–monthly business magazine, ‘Indo-German Economy’ free of cost. The Indo-German Economy has information about the latest trends and developments in Indo-German cooperation as well as the various activities and initiatives of the Chamber.
  • Our newsletter (in English and German) is e-mailed to our Indian and German members every month. It informs you about upcoming events and important dates, so you can plan your schedule and registration accordingly.
  • Our offices (six in India, one in Germany) have a library with a vast array of specialized literature like directories, industry associations’ publications, Indo-German related journals and information leaflets, which can be used by members from Monday to Friday, during business hours.
  • Our publications cover issues that are of interest to member companies, especially topics like trade and business, tax matters, legal regulations and collaborations. All our publications are either free or discounted for members.
  • Our website offers not only information about our services, trade fairs, renewable energies etc. but also Indo-German trade and business relations. You can also explore career and new business opportunities.


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