Market Entry Support

If you want to set up your business operations in India or Germany, explore our range of services that help you every step along the way right from market analysis to devising market entry strategies, new company formation, HR recruitment and training, and more.

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Market Research

Get tailor-made market research carried out in cooperation with market research experts who search beyond public sources and integrate critical insights into your strategic planning process. We offer site analysis, price analysis, market potential analysis, business intelligence, industry reports, and more.

In the tricky game of international business, we help you minimize the risks of entering a new market, with our sound market research services. When you find yourself in the crossfire of complex, unclear market structures and lack of essential information, you can count on us for tailor-made research that can help enable the right strategic decisions.

We help you identify and assess key business and investment opportunities with the most relevant, current and credible research, as we cooperate with market research experts who go beyond the public domain to seek out individuals and resources that can address your specific marketing queries.

Every strategic decision you make will have a far-reaching impact on your business. Take the first step to getting it right with our integrated market research including Location Analysis, Market Potential Analysis, Competition Analysis, Industry Reports, Product Range Analysis and Price Analysis.


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Business Partner Search

If you’re on the lookout for a business partner, we make the challenging task easy with valuable assistance at every level. Identifying potential business partners, building a contact list, following-up, evaluating possibilities, credit check and report, scheduling meetings, we can take care of it all!

When charting your course in an international market, it is importance to have a partner you trust to play beside you. Especially if you’re a medium-sized company, the support of an experienced local partner can really drive success in a new foreign market. But this only works if you find a suitable business partner who meets your specific requirements; and that’s exactly where we step in.

Our Business Partner Search services cover the entire spectrum right from identifying partners to initial contact-building, to following up, scheduling meetings or factory visits and finally, helping you evaluate the interested partners. You can opt for all or any of our services, as per your business stage and needs.

Address Research

Give us your industry sector and required partner target group, and we will compile a list of addresses (and other basic contact information like telephone and fax number, email and website, wherever available) of relevant companies in India and/or Germany, based on our internal database as well as public sources like the internet, yellow pages and directories of other associations. Do note that verification of addresses, if required, will need to be carried out at your end.

In addition, we can also compile an import-export statistic for the products relevant to your business, which will give you valuable information on how likely or unlikely the product is, to find a ready market.

Business Partner Mailing

Tell us the criteria for your ideal partner and we will identify potential companies and assess their suitability for your needs. To facilitate initial contact-building, we will connect with potential partners with a letter introducing your company, business plans in India or Germany and business partner requirements. After following up and evaluating the return enquiries, we will send you a list of companies (with company name, postal address, telephone and fax number, e-mail and website wherever available and English speaking contact person) which meet your requirements and are interested in doing business with you.

You may also advertise your requirement in our bi-monthly business magazine, ‘Indo-German Economy’, circulated to over 6000 member companies and/or on our online marketplace.

Business Partner Acquisition

If you wish to meet potential business partners in India, we take care of the complete process, right from identifying suitable partners (by conducting a Business Partner Mailing), scheduling one-on-one meetings (these could take place at any of our six locations across India, or at the Indian company’s premises or factory, based on your preference) and organizing your business trips, including hotel bookings and local transport).On your wish, we can accompany you to the meetings to support you during negotiations or help with language interpretation. After the meetings are completed, we review them with you and consult you on the chances and risks.

We can also obtain a credit check for the potential partner companies, to guide your decision better.

Note: At the moment, this service is only available for German companies.


Contact: dipti.kanitkar(at)indo-german.comshrutika.joshi(at)indo-german.comanupama.narayan(at)indo-german.comshivani(at)  

Investment in India

If you are looking at setting up a company to leverage India’s growth potential, rely on us for guidance on how to start a business, company registration, property search, regulatory compliance and even our office-in-office services, until your company is set up.

Investing in a new market is a whole new ball game on a whole new turf. For German organizations that want to set-up operations in India, deciding the entry method, navigating through complex company formation regulations, setting up an office or factory can become very cumbersome without the guidance of an expert in the area. Having supported more than 150 companies to establish in the country, we help make market entry into India a smooth transition for your business through three specific services.

Company Formation

We advise you on which set-up route amongst 100% subsidiary, a branch or liaison office, a Joint Venture or Merger with a local company or its Acquisition, would be optimal for your business and support your entry through any one of them. With our long experience in dealing with the Indian law and our special relationship with local authorities and government bodies, we are always well informed about the latest amendments to laws and regulations concerning company formation; and can competently guide you through the bureaucracy jungle, to efficiently and effectively form your company so that you can start operations within eight to ten weeks.

Property Search

While deciding the right space for your office or factory, it is important to take into consideration, a number of factors like proximity to suppliers and customers, travel and transport infrastructure, space and storage needs, price and quality, etc. While this can get difficult in a foreign country, you can be rest assured that with our experience and good contacts with real estate offices, developers and banks, we are very well equipped to help you with Deciding the search criteria, Conducting the property search, Compiling the information, Arranging visits to sites, Advising you on shortlisting properties, Following up with brokers/ landlords, Helping you finalize the deal and Taking care of legal formalities.

You can also reach out to us for a detailed location analysis, which is advisable to carry out before starting the actual property search.


Our office-in-office services are ideal for German companies to minimize operational costs while setting up in India. We offer two basic offerings.

1. Lease of workrooms or workstations

German companies can rent fully equipped workrooms or workstations within our IGCC offices in Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. You can avail of facilities like a fully furnished work area with telephone, PC, storage cupboards, etc.; shared facilities like meeting room, bathroom, pantry; presence of a receptionist in the reception area including mail handling and forwarding; office infrastructure like telephone, fax, internet; access to printer, fax machine, scanner, photocopier and general office supplies; IT and administrative support; and hospitality services including tea, coffee and biscuits for your guests.

2. Operation of a Virtual Office

Our virtual office is the perfect solution for you if you would like to test a new market or office identity before investing, avoid legal complications and staff costs or need a venue to hold meetings in a city but don’t have requirements for a full-time office. We offer to run a virtual office for you by providing an Indian postal address, with individual phone and fax number and dedicated staff that answers calls in your company’s name according to your specifications, and receives and sends mails and faxes on your behalf. Should you opt for our virtual office, you don’t need to register your own representative office, you get easy access to IGCC’s expertise, you can choose between a full-time or part-time representation depending on your needs and avail guidance and direction from an experienced senior manager of IGCC, as far as you need.

Note: At the moment, this service is only available for German companies.

Contact: mira.dalvi(at)indo-german.comummesallama.bhatri(at)  

HR Recruitment

HR Recruitment Our HR recruitment process and employment consulting combines global strategy and local sensitivity to help you leverage our online job market and other services, to highlight career and job opportunities to the right professionals, who can meet high expectations of German companies and enable success.

One of the most important factors of running a successful business in India is the acquisition of qualified local staff. It is by no means an easy task, considering the high expectations of German companies. But with over 50 years of experience in working with people from India, we are in an ideal position to consult and advise you on recruitment, compensation and handling of your personnel; so that your business’ global strategy is complemented with vital local sensitivity. In addition, we bring you two platforms, an online Job Market and our bi-monthly business magazine, to advertise your requirements to a relevant target audience.

Recruitment Service

If you’re looking for the right people to ensure your business goes from strength to strength – people who will make a real difference to your organization, count on us. Over the years, we have successfully recruited staff for different management levels and positions in diverse industries. Whether you are a multi-national enterprise or a small business, we assure you the same dedicated service.

While we will customize our recruitment process to meet your unique needs and style, a general sequence of measures that we adopt would include developing the recruitment plan based on your requirements, creating a profile of requirements to measure candidates, identifying the right media channels to post an ad, designing and drafting your recruitment ad (this is an optional service), publishing the ad as per schedule, screening and shortlisting candidates, telephonic interviews with shortlisted candidates, screening and recommendation of candidates, compiling a final shortlist and scheduling the final interview between you and the candidates.

We can also create compensation packages for your employees according to Indian standards and industry benchmarks and assist in developing the employment contract, as well as help you with verification checks for selected candidates.

Note: At the moment, this service is only available for German companies looking for staff in India.

Employment Ad

To connect with talented Indian or German staff for your operations in either of the two countries, our online Job Market and bi-monthly business magazine – Indo-German Economy, provide the perfect platform. These are frequented by Germans based in India, Indians based in Germany, Germans interested in moving to India, Indians interested in moving to Germany, Indians proficient in German as well as Germans and Indians seeking to work in multinational companies in the two countries; for potential career enhancement possibilities.

To better your online visibility, place an ad on our website, which gets over 25,000 visitors every month, who read up on Indo-German trade relations, cooperation initiatives, events, and more. Your employment advertisement would be placed in our Online Job Market, to which companies have reported excellent response in the past.

Reach out to the Indo-German business community with an ad in our bi-monthly business magazine, which has a circulation of over 13,000 and focuses on Indo-German Economic trends, latest market developments, trade fairs, industry reports, etc. It is distributed to all our Indian and German members, business and diplomatic institutions, Chambers of Commerce in India and abroad, banks, government bodies and industry associations. Additionally, it is placed on board of Lufthansa flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai to destinations in Germany.


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Customs Enquiries

If you would like to import goods to India or Germany, reach out to us for clarification on whether the import of your chosen goods is banned or restricted, if there are any specific regulations that apply, what the taxation or customs duty entails and whether the product is mainly exported from your target country. No matter what your question is, even if we need to undertake research in order to find out, we can give you details on customs regulations, duty and procedure, import-export statistics and any other import-related information.

For customs enquiries please contact Ms. Chaitra Dole at chaitra.dole(at)

GwG Identification and Legitimacy Tests

We offer id checks for individuals or enterprises, who want to open a business bank account (current account, securities account, safe deposit box, etc.) in a credit institution in Germany, as per stipulations of the Money Laundering Act (GwG). We carry out GwG Identification and transmission of documents.

Individuals who want to open an account in a credit institution in Germany, need an appropriate identity verification. This regulation is based on the Money Laundering Act (GwG), which stipulates the identity check of any legal and natural person abroad wishing to open an account (current account, securities account, safe deposit box, etc.) in Germany.

We offer identity verification services to individuals living in India. In accordance with the GWG (GWG-Ident), we can carry out GwG-Identification of your person/your enterprise, as well as the legitimation of the authorized representative(s) in the framework of a personal appointment. We will also support you with the transmission of the documents and dispatch of required documents (identity documents) to the credit institute in Germany.

When carrying out financial transactions in a foreign country, it is best to comply with the stipulated rules and procedures and avoid any penalty or adverse impact. So just get in touch and we’ll help out with the rest.


Contact: jonas.stolze(at)indo-german.comummesallama.bhatri(at)  

Partner Support Program

Jointly organized by IGCC and DIHK, the Partner Support Program (PSP) helps spouses or partners (FSE – Foreign Service Employee - Partners) of expatriates in German and international companies in India, to integrate into the country through career counselling and assistance, continuing education programs or social work opportunities.

Sometimes, partners of Foreign Service Employees in India might find it difficult to settle into the new, often unknown environment of India, and we use our network and reach to make this transition easier. We provide consultation and organize regular events that help FSE Partners network amongst themselves and with others in the new surroundings.

Our Partner Support Program is built on three pillars, viz. Dual Career (includes assistance for job search and placement, consulting on enhancing your Curriculum Vitae, help with job application documents, consultation on work visa, startup consultation, information on tax and finance matters during your job tenure), Further Education (includes information on studying in India, relevant distance learning programs, short courses and workshops, executive business management programs) and Social Work (includes basic and advanced intercultural training and advice on possibilities of voluntary work in non-governmental or other social and cultural institutions).

Within the scope of these categories, we have designed six modules that you can choose from. We can also redesign the module according to your needs and interest, and if you would wish so, our coordinators would be glad to advise you and together develop an individual plan to fulfil your life and career plans in India.


Contact: monaz.desai(at) 



Corporate Intercultural Trainings

We offer cross cultural training backed by research and facts, supported by exercises, case-studies and discussions, to help your employees understand the nuances of Indian and German culture, break down the barriers to communication and effectively strategize to minimize and resolve intercultural conflicts.

As the world comes closer and businesses go global, it is becoming more important than ever to have employees with intercultural competence who can collaborate and work efficiently work with their international counterparts.

With over 60 years of experience in working with businesses from Germany and India, we are now happy to offer you Corporate Intercultural Trainings as one of our services. These customized trainings are intended to improve the performance of employees by highlighting real-time cross-cultural business scenarios, backed by research and facts. Exercises, case-studies and open discussions to brainstorm and strategize inter-cultural conflict resolution, further increase the effectiveness of this training. The highly interactive one or two day programme is focused on performance-based training strategies, to predict and prevent the intercultural conflicts in their day-to-day business lives.

This training will help your employees become aware of different patterns in the Indo-German business value system, understand intercultural behavior, predict, prevent or overcome intercultural conflicts. They will be able to understand negotiation and trust building for attaining international business objectives and reflect on personal styles to be productive and integrate better with cross-cultural teams.

Don’t let cultural boundaries come in the way of your business success. Give your employees an edge of advantage with sound intercultural training.

Note: All trainees are awarded with certificates from the Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), stating the participation and successful completion of the intercultural training.


Contact: amrita.gandikota(at)



Career Opportunities

A well-known German company which is into manufacturing of water-based lubricants for the metal forming process (forging, seamless tubes), is looking for distributors/sourcing agent in India.

The company is focused on the development and production of lubricants for hot metal forming in the forging industry with key features such as special formulation and technical support. They need a distributor with technical knowledge in lubricant business with a close connection to the metal forming industry. The distributor should also have warehousing facility.

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If this inquiry interests you, please send a short profile of your company to Mr. Devraj Banerjee at devraj.banerjee(at)