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IGCC Business Monitor 2016

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IGCC has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Düsseldorf

India-Desks at 9 Chambers abroad and 18 local Chambers in Germany

17 representatives in India and one in Brussels

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German Springfest 2017

Award of Germany’s 'Cross of the Order of Merit' on Bernhard Steinrücke, Director General, IGCC.

German Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney bestowing IGCC Director General Bernhard Steinruecke with the German President’s Cross of the Order of Merit Award for his contribution to Indo-German relations

Biogas Training Tour, 2017 edition organized by Indian Biogas Association talked about Biogas efficacy in Indian scenario


Training, based on German Dual System of practical and theoretical learning, has been one of the key roles and services of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad (AHKs). more