German Dual Vocational Education and Training Concept (GDVET)

Germany's dual vocational education and training (VET) system is highly regarded worldwide for its emphasis on practical training and close collaboration between industry and educational institutions. While the dual VET system originated in Germany, it has been adopted and implemented in various countries, including India.

In India, the implementation of the German dual VET system is facilitated by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce through collaborations between Indian and German companies and institutions, such as vocational training centers, universities, and industry partners. These collaborations aim to provide Indian students with practical skills and industry-specific knowledge, thereby enhancing their employability. The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in promoting German vocational education and training initiatives and can provide guidance and resources related to dual VET programs in India.  

The dual VET system in India typically involves a combination of classroom-based theoretical instruction and on-the-job training. Students spend part of their time at vocational training centers or institutes, where they receive theoretical education, and the remaining time at partner companies, where they gain practical experience and apply their skills in real-world settings.