Dual Vocational Education and Training

The German Dual Vocational Education and Training system, coordinated by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry is a system that combines traditional classroom learning with practical on-the-job training and aims at preparing individuals for skilled trades and occupations.

Through its service brand - DUALpro, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce supports its members by facilitating training programmes as per German quality standards and aligning them with the current market needs thereby promoting a strong link between upskilling and industry.

Dual apprenticeships based on the German system provide an important tool to companies to not only ensure that their staff has the…

Conducting German dual training comes with many benefits and responsibilities for companies. To establish a successful German dual…

Well-qualified trainers are the cornerstone of quality education and the key determinant of the success of VET programs. This…

The IGCC DualPro certification course “Business German Made Easy” is designed for professionals who communicate with internal and…





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Our Team

Mr. Rakulan Selvaratnam

Head – Vocational Education & Training Services

Ms. Christine Raj

Project Manager – Vocational Education & Training

Ms. Ashwami Patil

Executive – Apprenticeships DUALpro