Building and Maintaining Long-Term Relationships with Suppliers, Workers, and Communities
Event Start
21/05/2024 · 15:30
Event End
21/05/2024 · 16:45



Join us for a virtual dialogue hosted by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) in collaboration with Social Compact, exploring the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration in strengthening due diligence efforts and grievance mechanisms in India.

As the global business landscape evolves, so does the recognition of its responsibility to uphold human rights across operations. Human rights due diligence (HRDD) has emerged as a critical practice for companies, enabling them to proactively identify, prevent, mitigate, and be accountable for potential human rights impacts within their scope of influence. Central to this process is stakeholder engagement, offering invaluable insights and fostering a collaborative approach to responsible business conduct.

However, businesses encounter hurdles in extending their reach deep into the supply chain to gather essential information for effective HRDD. This often leads to challenges in identifying high-level risks within their extended supply chain.

Engaging key stakeholders such as suppliers, communities, workers, NGOs, and investors empowers companies to leverage their wealth of knowledge about the human rights context within their supply chains. Early and comprehensive stakeholder engagement in the supply chain due diligence process can significantly reduce the administrative and financial burdens of compliance.

Our live session will delve into how companies can craft effective stakeholder engagement strategies to:

  • Uncover hidden risks: Stakeholders can uncover potential human rights issues overlooked by internal assessments alone.
  • Exhibit transparency and accountability: Proactive stakeholder engagement demonstrates a company's dedication to responsible business conduct.
  • Cultivate trust and enhance relationships: Collaboration with stakeholders fosters trust and strengthens relationships with those affected by the company's operations.
  • Develop sustainable solutions: By involving stakeholders in addressing root causes, companies can devise solutions that promote long-term sustainability and positive social impact.

Who should attend:

  • Investors
  • Compliance officers
  • Procurement and purchasing heads
  • Supply chain managers and sustainability departments

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