Skilled Migration

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce provides expert guidance to German companies seeking to attract and recruit qualified candidates from India. Additionally, we offer valuable advice and support to Indian skilled professionals looking to migrate to Germany for employment purposes. Our comprehensive advisory services cater to the needs of both employers and individuals, facilitating a smooth and successful transition in work-related migration to Germany.

Indian professionals will enrich future labour markets worldwide. While everyone is talking about the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, millions of young people enter the labour market in India every year. This development will also continue in the coming years, as the Indian population, whose average age is around 28 years, is currently still growing at almost 1% per year. No other industrialized or emerging country is so young. In 2023, India overtook China as the most populous country in the world with 1.4 billion people. The constantly high level of economic growth only has a limited positive impact on the labour market, since the jobs that come up each year are mainly in the informal sector or in the low-wage sector. On the one hand, this means that youth unemployment in particular is increasing at the moment and, on the other hand, that well-trained specialists in particular are often unable to find a job in India that matches their qualifications.


Why are Indian skilled professionals interested in the German job market?

  • Labour migration from India is made easier by the new Skilled Immigration Act and is supported by the Federal Government.
  • Indian specialists meet several important requirements that make them particularly attractive to German employers in an international comparison:
  • Indian skilled workers are increasingly looking abroad because the Indian labour market does not offer sufficient employment opportunities.
  • The Indian government advocates international migration for training and employment
  • Degrees and qualifications obtained in India have good chances of being recognized in Germany.
  • English is one of the official languages in India, i. H. most Indians grow up speaking English alongside other languages.

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Ms. Denise Eichhorn

Head – ProRecognition & Hand in Hand for International Talents