Train the Trainer

Well-qualified trainers are the cornerstone of quality education and the key determinant of the success of VET programs. This applies even more while implementing dual training courses that follow the German dual system. Trainers accompany apprentices on their career path and their personal development. This gives them a core responsibility: Not only do they play an important role in imparting knowledge and skills but they also function as a role model to the trainees.

Ausbildung der Ausbilder – International 

The Training of Trainers “Ausbildung der Ausbilder (AdA) International” is a unique qualification concept, including certification, that enables trainers to plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate vocational training measures in their company. Based on the standards of the German Trainer Aptitude Ordinance (AEVO), it imparts important training know-how and pedagogic competencies. This is the highest international certification for trainers in the TVET sector accredited by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry DIHK. Currently over 18 German Chambers abroad in Europe, America and Asia are already certifying in-company Trainers according to the German Train-The-Trainer Ordinance (AEVO).  

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce trains the certified AdA International Trainers. The workshop provides knowledge, exercises and practical tips for situational and intercultural youth and adult training. The AdA-International is mandatory for companies that wish to train according to the German DIHK standard. 

The training of the AdA-International consists of 5 modules: 

Module 1: Checking training prerequisites and training plans

Module 2: Preparing the training

Module 3: Executing the training

Module 4: Concluding the training

Module 5: Examination and certification

Your benefits from AdA – International:

  • Qualified and experienced trainer
  • Training concept as per German standard, adjusted to the Indian scenario
  • Training material developed by practitioners
  • Small learning groups
  • Quality assured DIHK-AHK certificates
  • Training and examination in English