Company Formation

If you are looking at setting up a company to leverage India’s growth potential, rely on us for guidance on how to start a business, company registration, property search, regulatory compliance and even our office-in-office services, until your company is set up.

Investing in a new market is a whole new ball game on a whole new turf. For German organizations that want to set-up operations in India, deciding the entry method, navigating through complex company formation regulations, setting up an office or factory can become very cumbersome without the guidance of an expert in the area. Having supported more than 150 companies to establish in the country, we help make market entry into India a smooth transition for your business through three specific services.

Company Formation

We advise you on which set-up route amongst 100% subsidiary, a branch or liaison office, a Joint Venture or Merger with a local company or its Acquisition, would be optimal for your business and support your entry through any one of them. With our long experience in dealing with the Indian law and our special relationship with local authorities and government bodies, we are always well informed about the latest amendments to laws and regulations concerning company formation; and can competently guide you through the bureaucracy jungle, to efficiently and effectively form your company so that you can start operations within eight to ten weeks.

Property Search

While deciding the right space for your office or factory, it is important to take into consideration, a number of factors like proximity to suppliers and customers, travel and transport infrastructure, space and storage needs, price and quality, etc. While this can get difficult in a foreign country, you can be rest assured that with our experience and good contacts with real estate offices, developers and banks, we are very well equipped to help you with Deciding the search criteria, Conducting the property search, Compiling the information, Arranging visits to sites, Advising you on shortlisting properties, Following up with brokers/ landlords, Helping you finalize the deal and Taking care of legal formalities.

You can also reach out to us for a detailed location analysis, which is advisable to carry out before starting the actual property search.


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