Energy Efficiency Specialist

Through theoretical and practical training in the areas of engineering and management of energy-relevant applications, EUREM training transforms executives into Energy Efficiency specialists.


Overview and Activities

Background of EUREM

The ‘Oil Age’ is coming to an end; energy costs are skyrocketing and breaking one record after another. Energy consumption is increasing rapidly in newly industrialized countries, and there appears to be no change in sight since then. On the other hand, protecting the climate and environment is a megatrend coming increasingly into focus.

So as a business, how do you strike a balance? How do you reduce your energy consumption to save on costs and do your bit towards a sustainable environment? The right way forward would be to develop Energy Efficiency Specialists (EUREM). They contribute to climate protection and also promote company-wide energy savings. The energy concepts of over 2,000 trained energy specialists have resulted in energy savings of 1,500,000 MWh, cost savings of EUR 60 million per year, a CO2 reduction of 400,000 tonnes per year, and investments of EUR 200 million.

EUREM stands for Qualification and Training, Cost Reduction, Climate Protection, Knowledge and Technology Transfer, and Networking.

Reach out to us as we can help you or some of your team members in becoming Energy Efficiency Specialist and energy champs in the organization.

Goals of the EUREM Project

EUREM is not only a continuing education programme, but also a global networking community of energy efficiency experts. The participants and graduates regularly meet on conferences, workshops and online platforms, to exchange experiences, get information on current energy topics and help each other with various tasks.

The EUREM project aims to:

• Train and qualify specialists

• Build up a network of energy efficiency experts

• Intensify the transfer of knowledge and technology

• Share information and experiences

• Improve the competitiveness of companies

• Support energy efficiency technologies and export activities

• Promote environmental and climate protection world-wide

Contents and Structure of EUREM Training

Experts and executives who are a self-responsible part of companies (e. g. operating managers, production managers, energy officers, maintenance engineers, process engineers, and factory technicians), as well as energy service providers are the typical target group for the Energy Efficiency Specialist Training.

The training is usually held extra-occupational and consists of the three elements: face-to-face teaching, self-learning and energy concept. During the courses, the participants acquire theoretical knowledge which they may then use for the first time in practice, while creating their energy concept.

The subject matter comprises two areas: engineering and management. Almost any energy relevant application in a company is part of the training. And we also take care to ensure that the subject matter is constantly adapted to the changing basic conditions.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Specialists

Despite higher efficiency and quality standards in production companies, it is still possible to cut costs and save energy. The development of cost-cutting potential improves the competitiveness of the company. Furthermore, by cutting costs, the company contributes actively to climate protection and resource conservation. Environmental commitment, which is valued by many customers, becomes more visible and will be honoured accordingly. The liberalization of energy markets in Europe and around the world bears many chances and the Energy Efficiency Specialist knows how to use them. The current requirements like the compensation of skyrocketing prices especially with regards to oil, electricity and gas, the implementation of an environmental management system according to European standards EMAS or ISO 14001, or of an energy management system according to DIN EN 16001 - all these plans and goals can be effectively achieved through the contribution of qualified and appropriately trained experts.

Even individuals benefit from participating in the EUREM training because they get a certificate of completion which reinforces their personal competitiveness and improves their career prospects. EUREM creates a new and useful function of a comprehensive and competent energy specialist, comparable with the function of environmental protection officers or quality managers that were established within companies around the world in the early 1990s, but relevant to the challenges and situations that companies face today.