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We provide guidance and support for employing Indian candidates in Germany, including assistance with visa applications, recognition of Indian qualifications, employer branding to attract Indian talent, and workshops for intercultural sensitivity and long-term integration.

For Companies


Do you want to employ an Indian candidate, but are unsure of the next steps? Or, are you only exploring options about hiring from India? Either way, IGCC is happy to provide guidance and support throughout the entire talent acquisition and relocation process, including assistance with visa applications.

Comparing Indian Qualifications to German Standards

When it comes to the hiring process, it is crucial to assess the recognition potential of a candidate's qualifications. Depending on the specific Indian qualification and the desired profession in Germany, different authorities in Germany hold responsibility for recognition. IGCC is available to provide consultation on the appropriate recognition process, planning adjustment measures, and determining the optimal timeframe for the process.

Employer Branding

Despite Germany's growing popularity as a preferred career destination, Indian candidates often possess limited knowledge about large German multinational companies and tend to focus their applications solely on those organizations. By leveraging the ProRecognition blog, you can effectively enhance your visibility and strengthen your employer brand specifically targeted at the Indian audience.

Long-Term integration

The process of integrating an Indian colleague into Germany can commence even before they arrive in the country. IGCC provides a diverse range of workshops aimed at facilitating a seamless transition and rapid integration. These workshops are designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support, ensuring a smooth and successful integration process right from the start.

  • Intercultural Sensitivity Training: Ensuring that new candidates and the company's workforce have the necessary intercultural skills to successfully navigate multicultural teams
  • Preparing for Departure: Expectation management and sharing first-hand experiences can help candidates settle into their new role in Germany faster
  • Integration before departure: Not only must a new job be started in Germany, but new friendships must also be developed in order to ensure long-term integration and permanent settlement in Germany