May 03

Climate Forum

Multi-stakeholder forum on Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation in Mumbai and Maharashtra

Although mitigating climate change and reducing irreversible negative impacts on the environment is a global challenge, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions starts at the national level. India is the third strongest polluter after China and the United States regarding total emissions. Mumbai and Maharashtra as the commercial and industrial centers of India are at the frontline of both mitigation and adaptation.

The institutions of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, amfori, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Heidelberg University South Asia Institute and Global Shapers Community Mumbai Hub want to raise awareness about this topic and support the search for solutions in the form of a multi-stakeholder forum.

The Forum brings together representatives of the economy, academia, politics and the civil society. Using the World Café method, people will come together in diverse groups for short but insightful discussions. As a participant you will:

· Identify driving factors of climate change in selected economic sectors,

· generate ideas for the mitigation of climate change,

· share insights on inevitable effects of climate change on Mumbai and Maharashtra and how to adapt to them.

We invite you to register for this exciting event until 24 April. Please note that attendance is only confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation email.

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