Breaking Barriers in Women's Leadership Development


In a stride towards fostering leadership among women, IGCC in collaboration with Dr. Mathew Thomas of Mentora India conducted a highly impactful one-day Women's Leadership Development Workshop in Pune on 15th April 2024.

As the day unfolded, what began as scepticism morphed into inspiration and empowerment. Initially, some participants questioned why a man was addressing women's leadership development. However, as Mathew took the stage, perceptions shifted dramatically.

Mathew delved into the contemporary challenges plaguing the corporate world, such as imposter syndrome and bias, urging attendees to confront these obstacles head-on. He emphasized the importance of leading by example and cultivating a presence that commands respect and attention.

Throughout the day, a diverse range of activities provided moral lessons, highlighting the pursuit of self-excellence. Mathew skilfully intertwined discussions on emotional intelligence, using compelling storytelling to foster a deep resonance among the audience.

Leadership in the digital age emerged as a central theme, with Mathew offering valuable insights into leading teams and fostering connections in virtual settings. He underscored the significance of staying abreast of technological advancements to remain effective in an evolving landscape.

A highlight of the session was the concept of emotional intelligence, illustrated vividly through Mathew’s "mood meter" analogy. He emphasized the alignment of the brain and heart, a crucial aspect of effective leadership.

In conclusion, the day's proceedings left a lasting impact, transcending initial doubts and fostering a newfound sense of empowerment. Through engaging discourse and practical guidance, Mathew Thomas demonstrated the transformative power of breaking barriers and embracing leadership in all its forms.