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Driving Efficiency and Value through Digital Twin


The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with blue automation GmbH, recently convened a gathering of more than 50 key figures from the manufacturing and automotive sectors on March 21, 2024, at the Sheraton Grand in Pune. The event centred around the theme of “Driving Efficiency and Value through Digital Twin” and featured insightful discussions followed by a networking dinner. Esteemed speakers delved into various aspects, including:

  • The merging of IT and OT within automation technologies
  • The significance, obstacles, and future prospects associated with IT and OT integration
  • Real-world case studies illustrating the benefits of Smart Manufacturing & Energy Monitoring
  • Harnessing the power of Digital Twin for sustainable development
  • Successful implementations and case studies showcasing the efficacy of Digital Twin solutions

The event kicked off with opening remarks from Kalpesh Saraf, Western Region Director of IGCC, who introduced Tobias Willer, CSO of blue automation GmbH, for the first presentation. Willer provided valuable insights into Market Analysis, Virtual Commissioning using Digital Twin, and offered an overview of Simulation Setups for Production Lines.

Following Mr. Willer's presentation, Manuel Fromme, CTO of the blue automation group & CEO of blue mechanics, delivered an engaging talk on the convergence of IT /OT in automation technology. He discussed the challenges, technological foundations, and shared real-world case studies on Smart Manufacturing, Energy Monitoring, and Security Strategies. Mr. Fromme also explored the future prospects of IT/OT convergence, highlighting its potential benefits and return on investment.

Continuing the discussion, Rabindra Saha, Business Development Manager for Automation & Digitalization at Siemens, shared insights on how Digital Twin technology contributes to building a sustainable future.

The event concluded with a presentation by Nitin Tappe, CEO & Co-Founder of Pratiti Technologies, focusing on the practical implementation of Digital Twin. Mr. Tappe showcased various use cases in the manufacturing industry, demonstrating how Digital Twin can enhance production efficiency and accelerate business ROI, ultimately facilitating companies' digital transformation journey.

In recognition of their valuable contributions, IGCC expressed gratitude to all partners and speakers by presenting them with certificates embedded with QR codes. Upon scanning the code, recipients received a photo of a plant planted in their honour, symbolizing a collective effort towards a greener planet.

Shalaka Nagarkar