New category of booking appointments at VFS for urgent business travels to Germany (Schengen visa)


The growing demand for German visas in the spring and summer seasons has led to a sharp increase in the number of visa applications processed at the German Consulate in Mumbai (centralized decision making body for Schengen visa). Therefore, it has become essential for you to carefully plan the timeline for visa applications to ensure smooth processing and avoid any last-minute complications. The longer waiting times for visa submission appointments necessitate this advance planning to secure timely visa approvals.

If you are planning to apply for German Schengen visas (stay of up to 90 days), e.g. for business purposes, attending exhibitions, or for leisure travel to Germany, we urge you to book your visa appointments at least 3 to 4 months prior to your intended travel dates, especially when the dates of events are known well in advance. You can book visa appointments online at:

To combat the long waiting times, special appointments have been made available in the online booking portal for business travel under the “urgent business” category and for trade fairs/exhibitions under the “trade fair urgent” category. Please avail of these categories only if you are travelling for business or a trade fair, and only in urgent cases. Otherwise, your visa appointment will be considered invalid and the application will not be processed. Even in these categories, visa applications have to reach the Consulate at the latest 15 days before the intended date of travel.

We regret that appointments not listed in the online booking portal can only be arranged for unforeseen and urgent matters, like medical emergencies. They will not be arranged for business, trade fair, or tourism/holiday travel to Germany!

Please also note that all special and emergency appointments are final and cannot be moved to a more suitable date or time.

For our esteemed long-term visa holders, it is of utmost importance to proactively plan the renewal of your visas well in advance – don’t wait till shortly before your visa is going to expire. You can submit your visa application as soon as you know the travel dates and purpose for your first trip after the expiry of your current visa. This will help avoid any disruptions to your ongoing business activities or travel plans.

You can find more information on the Schengen visa website of the German Missions in India at

Thank you for your cooperation!