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Opening Doors to Opportunities: Career Day at GTTI with DUALpro and ProRecognition


We are excited to share a remarkable event that recently unfolded at our partner institute, Gedee Technical Training Institute (GTTI). DUALpro, in collaboration with ProRecognition, hosted a Career Day that provided valuable insights and motivation to recently graduated trainees at GTTI regarding the countless opportunities awaiting them in Germany.

GTTI is a vocational institution in Coimbatore that offers training programmes based on the principles of German Dual Vocational Education & Training. DUALpro plays a key role in ensuring adherence to German quality standards during implementation.

Every year, over 20 apprentices enroll in vocational programmes that last for 3.5 years. Another Career Day, this time for the class of 2020, took place at the end of the course.

On 29th September 2023, we welcomed 20 eager trainees to the event and offered them a comprehensive view of opportunities in Germany. The presentations and discussions centered around various aspects, such as:

  1. Job Opportunities in Germany: Participants were introduced to the wide array of career prospects in Germany, emphasizing the strong demand for skilled professionals in various fields.
  2. Application Process: The step-by-step application process was clarified, helping the apprentices understand the necessary paperwork, application timelines, and how to navigate the application procedure effectively. An interactive session was also held covering the topic of 'effective CV writing'.
  3. Getting Certificates Recognized: One of the vital components was the discussion on getting academic certificates recognized in Germany. Students learned about the importance of the recognition process and the support available to them.
  4. Path Forward: The attendees gained insights into the path after securing a job in Germany, such as integration and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The enthusiasm in the room was palpable as our students actively interacted with Ms. Rumani Varunjikar, the presenter and asked thoughtful questions. They were curious about every aspect of the process, from language requirements to cultural adaptation, and they eagerly sought guidance on how to realise their dreams of working in Germany.

This Career Day showcased the impact of knowledge, partnership, and commitment to transform the lives of the trainees. We believe that by exposing them to opportunities beyond our borders, we are contributing to their growth, both personally and professionally.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Sivakumar K M of GTTI for his assistance in the organization of the event. We also express our gratitude to ProRecognition & Ms. Rumani Varunjikar for their invaluable contribution to this event and for guiding the trainees towards a brighter future.