German Centres for Research and Innovation

Created as one of the Federal Foreign Office’s strategic initiatives to internationalise science and research, the German Centers for Research and Innovation or DWIH (Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshauser) encourage and facilitate academic exchange, scientific collaboration, and research & development projects between Germany and local experts. Furthermore, they act as an active link between government officials, policymakers and representatives of leading German institutions. DWIHs have established their presence in five countries around the world: São Paolo (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), New York (USA) and New Delhi (India) and together, they have increased the visibility of German innovation around the world. The German Centre for Research and Innovation - DWIH New Delhi was inaugurated in October 2012 and is supported by 15 German organisations comprising funding organisations, research centres and universities. Across its activities, the DWIH New Delhi aims to promote the German research and innovation landscape in India and connect Indian and German academic and scientific communities. Of special focus is strengthening the Industry-Academia cooperation and showcasing young talent in innovation and entrepreneurship from India and Germany.


Aadishree Jamkhedkar, Programme Manager,
aadishree.jamkhedkar@dwih.in, +91-11-46015 849