We conduct projects across focus areas like startups, renewable resources and recognition of qualifications in Germany, important from an Indo-German business and political perspective.

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Focus Areas


We give startups the opportunity to leverage our extensive cross-border market entry support and help investors and corporates who want to invest in startups, to connect with fast-growing startups across various sectors, which we scout and keep track of.

With both, India and Germany, being strong markets for flourishing startup hubs, the dynamic startup sector adds a new and interesting dimension to growing Indo-German ties. The time is right for entrepreneurs in domains like Fintech, Health-tech, Transport and mobility, Aerospace, Energy, E-commerce, Big Data, IoT and AI, as well as corporates interested in investing in them, to leverage the ever-increasing opportunities offered by Indo-German startup ecosystems.

Reach out to us for services like Exploring one of the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem, Connecting interested corporates with fast-growing startups, Scouting and keeping track of startups with growth potential and Helping startups with cross-border market entry support.

IGCC, Bengaluru is the official partner of the StartHubs AsiaBerlin network (SUAB) project in India. SUAB is a German-Asian startup network connecting the ecosystems in Berlin, Bengaluru, Jakarta and Manila. It brings together different startup ecosystem representatives to achieve professionalization and enhance direct cooperation between these stakeholders.

In addition, IGCC partners with various other startup initiatives e.g. RuhrSummit 2017, DENA Awards, etc. and organizes the participation and representation of Indo-German startups at an international level.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur or accelerator, we’ll help you open doors of opportunities in the world’s third largest startup ecosystem.

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Germany leads the world in the renewable energy domain and if you wish to enter this promising market, we help you connect with German companies and research institutions, to enlist the use of alternative sources of energy and explore technologies in solar energy, wind energy, biomass, etc.

With its current thrust on ‘Energiewende’ or ‘Energy Transition’ and the move towards energy supply that is secure, affordable and sustainable, Germany has developed into a world leader in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology. As India also stands strong in the commitment to renewable energy, with the Indian government supporting the development of this sector through various initiatives, there are numerous avenues for Indo-German collaboration that can benefit you as a company operating in the renewables sector.

We can offer you important information on the Indian renewable energy market, upcoming events where we would also organize German participation, links to details of various new and innovative technologies available, etc.

Reach out to make the most of Germany’s expertise and know-how in the renewable energy sector.

Contact: dipti.kanitkar(at) 

Recognition of Qualifications in Germany or ProRecognition

Our ProRecognition service, offered in cooperation with German government and relevant authorities, lets individuals evaluate their skills and qualifications for a job in Germany and also allows German companies to assess their foreign employees’ educational qualifications and professional certifications.

If you have studied a vocation or profession and intend to work in Germany, you can have your qualifications compared with the requirements of this profession in Germany and get them recognized. The recognition of your qualifications will improve your chances in the job market.

The ProRecognition project aims to assist individuals who want to get their professional qualifications recognized in Germany and also companies who want to get the qualifications of their employees recognized, to integrate them better in the German job market.

In addition, we also help you with translation and certification of your documents at special rates.

For more details on recognition of qualifications in Germany, you may visit the project website:

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